Saturday, 16 November 2013

May 14th, 2013

That was the day I found out that I got accepted into King's College London, in order to attend a postgraduate course on Cultural and Creative Industries. Exciting times! Fascinating opportunities opened up for me that day. Not only because King's College is among the best universities in the world, or because all the modules seemed very intriguing (at last, a chance for me to study about something that I'm really passionate about). One of the main reasons why I chose and wished to be a part of this Master was its internship programme


I always believed that putting theory into practice is the most significant part of education. When I was searching for an MA, my priority was to find a programme that offered internships and had good connections with professionals of the field that I was interested in; film. An MA that will not just enhance my theoretical knowledge, but also prepare me for the working arena. After all, I could argue that one can learn a lot more from a professional who is working for decades in the cultural and creative industries, rather than from a book about the cultural and creative industries. 

Taken from 'The Internship' (2013), directed by Shawn Levy 

This blog will follow the whole procedure of my internship hunt: applications, interviews and so on, along with my actual experience if when I will find an internship (let's keep positive, shall we?). The blog will help me critically evaluate my whole experience and develop a better understanding of my skills, my weaknesses and my future goals, as well as, it will help the Module Convenor to assess the way in which I will link my theoretical knowledge with my internship experience.

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