Friday, 21 February 2014

First Interview

After 9 unsuccessful applications (for which I either got a negative response or none at all), I finally got an interview invitation from the East End Film Festival. This is beyond exciting but, I will not lie, it also makes me feel a little tense. I have not been interviewed for a job for a very long time, and I am afraid that I might be a little rusty. Thankfully, the Careers Service of King's College have been quite helpful. I went there to get some advice the day after I received the positive reply from the East End Film Festival (which, by the way, was my second choice for an internship, as I mentioned in my Internship Plan) and the lady that I met reminded me of the basic dos and don'ts:

1) Learn as much as you can about the company. It always helps if you look interested in their works and know what they have been doing in the past. That way they feel that you have a personal connection with their organisation already.
2) Don't hide your weaknesses but make them look like they can turn into assets for the company. For me that is the most difficult part as I always found the question 'What is your weakness?' ridiculous. The obvious answer is 'I am a perfectionist' but if you really want to stand out you need to be more creative.
3) Be relaxed and confident, but do not exaggerate. Do not act like you own the place but try and show that you really want to work there and that you have everything it takes.

My interview is in 4 days, which gives me a lot of time to prepare. For now, I am just looking at cinematic examples of job interviews. I will try to avoid looking like this ...

... and be more like this ...

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