Friday, 7 March 2014

Let's get down to business!

First day at work! Well, this is my first job that involves me speaking in a different language, which was not really a problem for me but that does not mean that it was not weird at the beginning. I was greeted by a very welcoming team of people and got introduced to the Head of Programming. The first day was quite enlightening about what my job entails. As a Programming Assistant I will have to look at the programmes of other film festivals that host bold, independent features and check out which of the films hosted there are actually eligible for EEFF. Apart from that, I will have to look at old programmes from specific film festivals and track the work of then first time directors, who are now finishing or have already completed their second features. The research procedure is quite open, so I can use my own resources, knowledge and connections in order to discover films that would fit in EEFF's mentality and aesthetics.


I will also be responsible for contacting the sales representatives, distributors, directors or producers of each film, so that I will request a screener in order for the Programming Team to watch and review the film, and decide whether or not it is suitable for the festival. What is good about that is that I also get the opportunity to watch films that are not accessible to the public due to lack of distribution and exposure. Plus, the Head of Programming seems to trust my taste in films and encourages me to express my opinion.

Source:, taken from Bruce Almighty (2003), directed by Tom Shadyak

Moreover, I even got my own '' email address, and a pass to get in and out of 3 Mills Studio - yes, the offices of EEFF are situated inside 3 Mills Studio! How exciting is that?

Overall, I am very satisfied with the environment and my responsibilities. It's friendly but not relaxed, and even the more time-consuming duties are enjoyable. I personally research for films all day long anyway, and now, as a plus, I get to contact directors and producers with whom I would potentially like to work with in the future. Fingers crossed.

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